Why I got a MBA

The last year and a half I've been working on completing an MBA. And, as of May 2016, I am the proud recipient of a MBA from Webster University George Herbert Walker School of Business!

When I mentioned to people that I was going to school for a MBA, I would often be asked, "why?" Especially considering that I'm a software developer.

Why I got a MBA.

I initially got the idea to purse a graduate degree to be competitive for promotions when I was in the military. I decided on a MBA because my undergrad was in Information Systems Technology and I really wanted to do something different. Actually, I could have got a MA in Information Technology in about half the time using credit I had received for advanced training in the military, but thought the MBA was more widely applicable and thus more beneficial in the long run.

Another reason, I figured it would be helpful landing my dream job of becoming a CIO or some kind of C-level executive in IT. This was not just wishful thinking either. Based on research I had done and from what I new of other successful CIOs, getting some proper business acumen under my belt was extremely important.

And finally, another reason was to obtain the knowledge and credentials to start my own business one day. A MBA is by no means necessary, but the business acumen is very important (for me anyway). This is especially true when it comes to financing.

Anyway, this is why I got a MBA. It was a lot of hard work, but very gratifying in the end. I'm glad I did it.